Daily Dozen

Our rooster Flash and egg laying Isa Brown hens

We’ve had egg laying chickens for over a year now.  Most mornings, when I collect eggs, this is what I find! We usually get between 10 and 13 eggs every day.  I love that we’re slowly decreasing our dependence on the grocery store.  One step at a time.  I just told Scott yesterday, I think I’m going to have to buy some vegetables!  I’m including some pictures of our fall gardens.

There are about 15 cantaloupe hiding in those vines

Luckily, my kids love cantaloupe and could probably eat a whole one every day.  Two days ago I picked THREE of them!  I gave one to Scott’s sister, but we’ve been keeping up with what we’re growing.  At least for cantaloupes.  I did notice we haven’t really kept up with picking green beans.  We picked some when they first started, but later in the summer it just seemed like they got too big too fast and were not very good.  It will be interesting to see if we have too many butternut squash.  There must be 40 out there!  Luckily they should keep well.

The marigolds are so cheery to have interspersed in the gardens.  I’ve always heard to plant them with tomatoes, but I don’t think I’ve ever had them this big!

2 thoughts on “Daily Dozen

  1. Patty Glorioso says:

    Looks good! Is that shredded mulch you use to cover the dirt? I’ve been using straw for years, but the weeds coming through are getting on my nerves. I’d like to use undyed mulch but never see it anywhere. It’s always dyed.

    • admin says:

      Thanks! Yes, we signed up with a company called CHIPDROP (https://getchipdrop.com/) Their motto is “Helping arborists get rid of wood chips. Helping gardeners get cheap mulch.” You get a whole truck full of woodchips though! We do still get weeds but I think it’s been better and they break down and nourish the soil.

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